Faculty of Medical Sciences

Staff Profile

Professor James Shaw

Professor of Regenerative Medicine for Diabetes and Honorary Consultant Physician


Research Interests

Major interests in the development of gene therapy and beta cell replacement for diabetes including stem cell approaches; pancreatic/islet transplantation; and pump therapy by continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion.

Esteem Indicators

HEFCE-funded clinician scientist who has played an integral role in fostering the multidisciplinary networks underpinning translation of cell  therapy in Newcastle. Led the bid for NHS funding of an integrated clinical islet transplant programme in the UK as chair of the UK Islet Transplant Consortium. This has underpinned a national experimental medicine biomedical and psychosocial outcomes study in islet patients (including capacity for assessment of inflammatory and immune response) on which he is Chief Investigator. Forged industrial links through Regener8 (leading national RM network) funding, facilitating development of technology and sustainable business models for external quality control testing predictive of in vivo outcomes. This has enabled collaboration with University of Arizona, Athersys and Giner Inc.

Collaboration with Athersys and Pfizer funded by the Technology Strategy Board enabled initial establishment of a translational research programme (including optimized in vivo models and exploration of the regulatory landscape) towards co-transplantation of Multistem as an adjuvant therapy to islet transplantation to attenuate early inflammatory response, prevent graft rejection and maximise long-term function.

National Chief Investigator for the first UK RCT in islet transplant recipients – evaluating the novel anti-inflammatory drug reparixin, administered at the time of islet infusion.

Newcastle Principal Investigator for MRC / BBSRC / EPSRC UK Regenerative Medicine Platform Immunology Hub coordinated by Prof Fiona Watt, King’s College London.

Long-standing strong collaboration with King’s College London Diabetes Research Groups most recently evidenced by joint JDRF funding with Tim Tree evaluating recurrent auto- and allo-immunit following islet transplantation.

Has previously established surface marker and functional assays of endothelial progenitor cells in patients with type 1 diabetes and those with thyroid disease.

Clinically qualified and active diabetologist specialising in Type 1 diabetes complicated by recurrent severe hypoglycaemia. Clinical lead for Newcastle insulin pump service with over 250 new pump starts. Chief Investigator for hypoCOMPaSS a multicentre RCT comparing insulin pump and conventional insulin injection therapy with and without continuous subcutaneous glucose monitoring in those with impaired awareness of hypoglycaemia at highest risk of recurrent severe hypoglycaemia.


01.04.15-31.09.15 MRC Confidence in Concept (£29,126) White MG Shaw JAM - Utilising a novel model of human beta-cell dedifferentiation for screening potential disease-modifying functional impact of candidate therapeutic agents for type 2 diabetes

01.10.15-30.09.18 Diabetes UK (£92,460) Shaw JAM, White M - Defining the role of dedifferentiation as a primary mechanism of beta-cell dysfunction in type 2 diabetes

01.01.15-31.12.17 Diabetes UK (£360,436) Shaw JAM, Marshall H, Porat Y - Development of a novel donor human islet / recipient endothelial progenitor cell chimeric tissue transplant for type 1 diabetes

01.04.14-31.03.17 UK Regenerative Medicine Platform (£4.5M) – led Watt F, King’s College London - Overcoming immunological barriers to regenerative medicine

01.10.13-30.09.16 Diabetes UK (£93,626) Shaw JAM, Marshall H - Targeting islet inflammation ex vivo and following transplantation

01.03.13-28.02.16 Dompe (£130,000) (Shaw JAM – UK Chief Investigator) - Target the early inflammatory response to islet transplantation: reparixin vs placebo RCT

01.02.13-31.01.15 Diabetes UK (£137,991) Arden C, Lovat P, Shaw JAM - Unveiling the mechanisms by which glucagon-like peptide-1 protects pancreatic beta-cells

01.11.11-31.10.12 Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation (£150,000) - Enhanced conversion of expanded criteria donor pancreases into successful clinical islet transplants

01.09.11-31.08.14 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation ($589,778) Tree T, Peakman M, Shaw J. - Iatrogenic immunisation reveals the properties of destructive T-cells

01.07.10-31.03.11 Technology Strategy Board grant (Newcastle funding £217,090) - Prepare for an Evaluation of a Diabetes Interventional Cell Therapy (PrEDICT)

01.02.10-31.01.11 RegeNer8 Translational Regenerative Medicine Award (£299,968) - A sustainable quality-assured system for assessment of pancreatic islets for product release and transport to geographically distant clinical transplant centres -31.12.10 Newcastle Healthcare Charity (Collin M, Hambleton S, Dickinson AM, van Laar J, Shaw JAM) - Implementation of mesenchymal stromal cell therapy in Newcastle

01.10.09-30.09.12 Diabetes UK PhD Studentship - Isolation, characterisation and beta-cell differentiation potential of pluripotent stem cells derived from adult human pancreas

01.06.09 Diabetes UK Equipment grant (Arden C; Shaw J; Aldibbiat A £45,000) - Live-cell imaging of protein interactions and lineage tracing of human pancreatic cells

01.05.09-30.04.12 Tolerx Defend1 RCT: anti-CD3 in newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes (Leech N, Shaw J, Walker M)

01.10.08-31.07.12 Diabetes UK (£1,401,716) - Prevention of recurrent severe hypoglycaemia: a definitive RCT comparing optimised MDI and CSII with or without adjunctive real-time continuous glucose monitoring

01.04.08-31.03.11 Diabetes UK project grant (Walker M, Chinnery P, Shaw J £155,359) - Does decreased mitochondrial DNA copy number with ageing impair pancreatic beta-cell function?

01.03.08 Medtronic (Shaw local PI) - Evaluation of first clinically available pump with ‘closed loop’ capability

01.01.08-31.12.13 Diabetes UK (Agius L, Arden C, Shaw J £29,239) - Equipment for insulin determination by HTRF

01.12.07-31.05.08 North East Stem Cell Institute (£8,000) - Phenotypic characterisation of stem cell derived beta-cells prior to clinical translation

01.10.07-30.09.12 Sanofi-Aventis (Shaw local PI £15,000) - Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation in people with type 2 Diabetes on Insulin Therapy. Long-term international non- interventional study in people with Type 2 diabetes treated with insulin.

01.07.07-31.01.12 Diabetes UK project grant (£430,255) - Establishment of optimised biomedical and psychosocial measures to determine overall outcomes in islet transplant recipients

01.01.07 -30.06.07 Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation project grant (£29,940) - Enhancement of â-cell mass and function in human islets by physiological factors upregulated in pregnancy

01.01.07-31.12.07 Diabetes Foundation project grant (Amiel SA; Shaw JAM £160,000) - A proposal to validate and establish remote islet isolation for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes in the UK

1.8.00-31.7.06 Glaxo-Wellcome Senior Fellowship: (£350,000) - Transplantation and gene therapy for diabetes

01.06.05-31.05.06 Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Charity research grant (£38,423) - Remote islet transplantation: a feasibility study

01.04.05 One North East stem cell equipment grant (£27,000)

01.01.05-31.12.06 Blood glucose awareness training in Type 1 diabetes - Principal investigator initiated (supported by Novo Nordisk £25,000)

01.10.04-30.09.05 Diabetes UK Project Grant (Agius L; Shaw J £45,056) - Cellular analysis of glucokinase MODY mutants in pancreatic beta-cells and hepatocytes

1.6.02-30.9.04 Project grant supported by Aventis / MiniMed (£160,000) - Can hypoglycaemia awareness be restored in individuals with established Type 1 diabetes mellitus and severe hypoglycaemia by detection and targeted prevention of hypoglycaemia employing an optimised subcutaneous insulin regime employing insulin Glargine

1.11.01-31.10.02 Freeman Hospital Trustees Grant (£37567) - Development of glucose-responsive insulin secretion in transfected human myoblasts

1.11.01 Joint Research Equipment Initiative (MRC) grant (Agius L / Shaw JAM £27329)