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Kenneth Rankin

Clinical Fellow/Honorary Consultant


Honorary Consultant in Orthopaedic Oncology with special interests in the basic science of musculoskeletal oncology, in particular osteosarcoma.

Projects include:

  • Evaluation of MT1-MMP as a potential marker for therapeutics and imaging enhancement prior to surgery in sarcoma patients.
  • Detection of circulating tumours cells in patients with sarcoma.

Web link: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/medicalsciences/research/groups/sarcoma/

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I am based at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research

The musculoskeletal oncology research focusses evaluation of cell surface proteins and enzymes relevant to sarcoma and exploration of the extra cellular matrix in solid cancers.

Funding for this has been generously provided by 

Cancer Research UK ( Multidisciplinary grant with Dr Daniel Frankel, Chemical engineering, and Dr Ewan St John Smith at Cambridge)

Northern Orthopaedic Research Charity

JGWP Foundation Trust

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Charity 

Just Say Yes Fund 

Bone Cancer Research Trust

Children with Cancer UK

MRC Confidence in Concept


Mres Module lead for 'Current research trends in musculoskeletal disease' 2015-2018

Co-ordinator of the Northern Deanery postgraduate orthopaedic basic science term, Sept-Dec 2010 and Sept-Dec 2013

Principal supervisor of 6 MRes students 2011- 2018

Principal supervisor of Msc student (2013)

Co-ordinator of the orthopaedic component of the undergraduate foundations of clinical practice (FoCP) programme, Nov-Dec 2011-2017

Principal supervisor to 3 PhD  students (1 complete and 2 in final year)

Co-supervisor of 3 further PhD students (1 complete and 2 in final year)