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Dr Linda Penn

Research Associate



My main research interests are in the development and evaluation of complex interventions to promote and support healthy ageing, including prevention of type 2 diabetes and related long term conditions. The focus of my work is on interventions that are delivered by people from non-health backgrounds and that aim to reduce health inequalities.

I hold the Fuse: centre for translational research in public health, Healthy Ageing Research Programme post-doctoral position (PDRA). I am PI for the on going development and expansion of the 'New life, New you' translational research intervention for diabetes prevention.  The original version of 'New life, New you' and the culturally adapted versions, to engage black and minority ethnic populations, are retained as service provisions locally. We plan to expand this research including the introduction of a training intervention for 'New life, New you Peer Promoters.'

I was a member of the NICE programme development group for 'Prevention of type 2 diabetes: risk identification and interventions for individuals at high risk (PH38). I teach the diabetes prevention session in the Diabetes MRes programme.

Roles and responsibilities

Research Associate (Fuse PDRA and PI 'New life, New you' development and evaluation)


BSc (2.i)Physiology and Biochemistry with Subsidiary Chemistry (University of Reading)
PGCE (University of Lancaster)
MSc (Merit)Health Sciences (Newcastle University)

PhD Type 2 Diabetes prevention in High-risk Individuals: how might Effective, Equitable and Sustainable Service Provision be Achieved? (Newcastle University 2014) 



NICE public health Programme Development Group: Risk-identification and interventions for prevention of type 2 diabetes in high risk individuals (PH38).



'New life, New you' translational research intervention for prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is a debilitating and progressive disease, that affects people's extent and quality of life and is costly to treat. It is estimated that diabetes treatment costs to the NHS exceed 10 billion and account for 10% of the total budget. However there is good research evidence that type 2 diabetes can be prevented by lifestyle intervention. Newcastle University has a long established research interest in diabetes prevention. I was a researcher for the Newcastle arm of the European Diabetes Prevention Study that was coordinated from Finland and completed in 2007. Since then I have progressed our collaboration with European partners.

From 2008 we have worked with practice partners to co-produce the 'New life, New you' intervention for prevention of type 2 diabetes in high risk individuals. We have also co-produced a cultural adaptation of this programme for black and minority ethnic populations.

Fuse: centre for translational research in public health, Healthy Ageing Research Programme (HARP)

Newcastle University is a centre of excellence for ageing research. I am recently appointed to the Fuse HARP post doctoral research associate position (PDRA). This two year appointment will involve input to the development of the Fuse HARP strategy.  The PDRA appointment also affords the opportunity to plan a programme of research and to apply for funding to support this.