Faculty of Medical Sciences

Staff Profile

Professor Loranne Agius

Professor of Metabolic Biochemistry


Roles and Responsibilities

Principal Investigator: The Research group comprises three postdoctoral fellows, one research associate and four postgraduate students.


D.Sc. Oxon, 2003
D.Phil. Oxon, 1981
M.Sc. University of Malta, 1978
B.Sc. University of Malta, 1977

Previous Positions

1978 - 81: Commonwealth Scholar, University of Oxford
1981 - 82: Postdoctoral Fellow, State University of Utrecht
1982 - 86: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Newcastle
1986 - 91: Lecturer, University of Newcastle
1991 - 94: Senior Lecturer, University of Newcastle
1994 - 03: Reader, University of Newcastle


Diabetes UK,
European Association for the Study of Diabetes,
American Diabetes Association,
Biochemical Society


Research Interests

Liver biochemistry, glucose and glycogen metabolism, regulation by insulin and neurotransmitters; regulation of glucokinase and glycogen phosphorylase, application of metabolic control analysis, metabolite control of gene expression.

Other Expertise

Mechanism of action of anti-hyperglycaemic compounds and development of in vitro methods for screening mode of action.

Future Research

Mechanisms of hepatic insulin resistance

Research Roles

Principal Investigator on two Project Grants (MRC and Diabetes UK) and three PhD studentships.


Current Research Funding is from:
The Medical Research Council
Diabetes UK


Undergraduate Teaching

MBBS Stage I, NME2
MBBS, Accelerator Course (Case 8 and Case 18)

Postgraduate Teaching