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Professor Philip Home

Professor of Diabetes Medicine



Please see my personal web site www.staff.ncl.ac.uk/philip.home for details of my academic and clinical activities. A full CV is available there.


A full list of activities and positions is given on my personal website www.staff.ncl.ac.uk/philip.home

Roles and Responsibilities

Vice-chair, Appraisals Committee, National Institute of Clinical Excellence
Chair, Clinical Guidelines Task Force, International Diabetes Federation
President, WorldWIDE Initiative for Diabetes Education


BA (Oxon) 1969; DPhil (Oxon) 1974; MA (Oxon) 1974;
BM, BCh (Oxon) 1976; MRCP(UK) 1978; DM (Oxon) 1991

Previous Positions

Vice-President, International Diabetes Federation
President, European Region, International Diabetes Federation


Research Interests

International lead on many insulin and other diabetes drug developments and evaluations, new and established
International and UK lead on evidence-based diabetes guidelines

Other Expertise

Global diabetes care, structure of care delivery

Current Work

Professor of Diabetes Medicine, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Consultant Physician, Newcastle University Hospitals NHS Trust and Newcastle Primary Care Trust
Clinical/scientific lead, NICE Type 2 diabetes guidelines, NICE Type 1 diabetes guidelines, IDF Global Guideline (also initiator and organizer)
Chairman, Clinical Guidelines Task Force, International Diabetes Federation
Vice-chair, NICE Appraisals Committee
Other Department of Health advisory groups
President WorldWDIE Inc (diabetes professional education charity)

Future Research

The RECORD study will continue to 2009. Two new long term drug evaluation studies starting 2005-6 (lead on one / steering committee on one). Two new short term insulin studies starting 2005-6 (initiator of both).

Research Roles

Total research expenditure in studies I lead runs at around £15 million per year. I spend around £100 000 to £250 000 per annum in Newcastle

Postgraduate Supervision

Currently 1 PhD (shared) and three MD students under supervision (plus one writing up). Also 1.5 research nurses, and part-funding for staff under other academics

Esteem Indicators

Global lead on clinical trials
Global and UK lead on evidence-based diabetes guidelines
Membership of many pharmaceutical global advisory boards
Invited lecturer many international diabetes meetings 2004-6
Invited lecture many national overseas (and national UK) meetings 2004-6
President of charity with funding of US0.5-1.0 million per year


My research work does not usually work that way. Expenditure of research I lead runs at around £15 million per year. In Newcastle I spend £0.1-0.25 million per year.
Guidelines income is very variable - Eur0.45 million in 2005, but more typically Eur0.05-0.1 million per year.

Industrial Relevance

Member of many global advisory boards (diabetes / cardiovascular), and lead external advisor on a number of recent new diabetes pharmaceuticals of high clinical significance.


Undergraduate Teaching

Normal University of Newcastle, Newcastle Hospitals, and Newcastle Primary Health Care student teaching

Postgraduate Teaching

PhD/MD supervision (x4); Many international and overseas/UK national lectures and teach-ins (2004-2006); Care track organiser 2006 World Diabetes Congress; President of WorldWIDE Inc (professional diabetes education charity); lead diabetes guideline developer internationally