Faculty of Medical Sciences

Reproductive & Vascular Biology

Reproductive and Vascular Biology Group

Research Achievements

  • Unique human tissue resource (consisting of targeted uterine samples [upper segment, cervix, placental bed] from normal and abnormal pregnancies
  • High quality 'in-situ' cellular technologies [immunohistochemistry, TISH and laser capture microscopy/PCR] with large scale gene expression profiling [subtraction hybridisation, SAGE (serial analysis of gene expression)].
  • Novel in vivo approaches to trophoblast/myometrium/leukocyte interactions (incorporating trophoblast invasion assays and co-culture techniques)
  • International recognition in terms of quality of publications, invited lectures, and international collaborations (Krainer [Cold Spring Harbor, USA], Myatt [Cincinatti, USA], Lye [Toronto, Canada]).

Research Strategy

  • Continued integration of myometrial and trophoblast components of group in terms of maximising clinical material and laboratory technologies
  • Continued development of gene expression technologies with wider application in (a) different clinical problems and (b) different cell types (rather than 'whole' tissues)
  • Establishment of national networks for myometrial research as forerunner to submitting applications for MRC Group Status
  • Attract a high quality scientist with expertise in trophoblast signalling

Staff List

Dr Judith Bulmer
Clinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 5213

Professor Stephen Robson
Professor of Fetal Medicine

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 282 4132

Professor Michael Taggart
Chair of Reproductive Sciences

Telephone: +44 (0191) 241 8847

Dr Alison Tyson-Capper
Faculty Postgraduate Tutor (Associate Dean), Reader of Molecular Cell Biology

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 7156