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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development

Our CPD courses are short and flexible. We offer e-learning through our online learning platform, or face to face courses at our city campus.

Our CPD training courses provide access to a wide range of expertise to support the continuing professional development needs of staff working in life science, health and social care settings. They are designed to be flexible for both the learner and the employer. Students are able to access support in a variety of ways to help them with their studies. Each of our courses is subjected to rigorous academic and professional scrutiny. Whether you chose to study CPD that is credit bearing or not, once an individual has completed the course, true value will be added to their workplace. 

This page only contains information about our attendance courses. For modules that you can study online, visit our dedicated Faculty of Medical Sciences Online Learning website.

Module catalogue

These attendance modules require you to attend fixed (though infrequent) study days at the University campus. Some modules run more than once in a year and where this applies, you should choose the link for the semester in which you would like to study.

Semester 1 begins at the end of September, Semester 2 begins at the end of January, and Semester 3 begins in mid June. Exact semester dates can be found on the University Calendar.

Short courses

Command Line Bioinformatics and High-Throughput Sequencing Analysis

This 3-day course will provide scientists with no prior exposure to a command-line interface with the fundamentals required to use any command-line application. The course starts with the basics, and moves through popular bioinformatics tools such as BLAST, and finally focuses on tools for the analysis of ‘next generation’ sequencing data. More information.
Date: Date in 2018 TBC
Contact: simon.cockell@ncl.ac.uk


A five-day intensive course on R and Bioconductor using a mix of lectures and computer practicals. The final day provides participants with an opportunity to analyse their own data. (No prior programming knowledge of any kind is assumed). More information.
Date: Date in 2018 TBC
Contact: simon.cockell@ncl.ac.uk

Home Office Licensee Training and Laboratory Animal Specialist Courses

The Comparative Biology Centre offer modules for PIL A, B, C and PPL applicants. There are also specialist short courses covering topics in anaesthesia, pain assessment and alleviation, along with a range of online training resources. Courses run all year round, please get in touch for further information.
Contact: cbc-office@ncl.ac.uk

Minor Oral Surgery

A course to update Dental Foundation Trainers knowledge and clinical skills in relation to minor oral surgery, with a practical focus on surgical tooth extraction alongside interactive seminars. The two-part course will include treatment planning, surgical principles, planning the procedure, consent, the surgical kit, and identifying, preventing and managing potential complications.
Date: Date in 2018 TBC
Contact: lauri-anne.madge@ncl.ac.uk 


Bespoke courses

Sometimes the 'closest fit' course isn’t close enough. We can create bespoke training to meet your staff’s specific needs, including:

  • A huge range of Communication Skills Training through Roleplaynorth, including Breaking Bad News and Giving Effective Feedback.  
  • Anatomy and clinical skills courses, with facility hire, academic input, technical support and cadaveric materials all available.
  • Bespoke hands-on training in scientific techniques and analysis of results.

You can discuss your requirements with our Enterprise Services Team:

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 3246
Email: business@ncl.ac.uk