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Funding and Fees

Funding and Fees

Explore funding opportunities for your experience abroad.

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Tuition Fees and Finance

Students who complete a full year abroad pay a reduced tuition fee rate to Newcastle University.  

If you are completing a study exchange, you will not have to pay tuition fees to the host institution. This is due to the reciprocal nature of our exchange agreements. 

You can still apply for your normal student loan or bursary for the time you spend abroadYou may also be able to claim money back on travel and other costs related to your placement through Student Finance England’s Travel Grant. Visit our Student Financial Support page to find out more.   

Erasmus Funding

Students participating in Erasmus+ placements can receive funding for some of their time abroad. Erasmus grants exist to help with the additional costs of going abroad (online/virtual placements are not eligible for funding). The grant is an important contribution to making placements more affordable, but it is not designed to fully fund the Erasmus experience. It is important to remember that your grant may be fully or partially reclaimed if you do not fulfil the requirements of Erasmus funding. These requirements will be shared with you in detail in the Pre-Departure Briefing. 

At the end of last year, when it was confirmed that the UK would not continue to be part of the Erasmus+ Programme and that the funding we received in 2020 would be the very last, it was also confirmed that UK institutions could extend their Erasmus+ contract so that students could benefit from this final award until the end of May 2023.  

The University decided to fund Erasmus placements in the next two academic years with the remaining budget to support as many students as possible to go abroad. To do so, Erasmus grants are capped:



Maximum Granted Duration


2 months

One Semester

3.5 months

Full Year

7 months


Please note that only the funding is capped. The duration of placements is not capped. We recommend that you carefully consider how you will fund your time abroad as early as possible and we strongly advise you not to rely on the grant or the timing of the payments. 

More information about the Erasmus Programme, co-funded by the European Union, is available in the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

Turing Funding

Turing Scheme Overview

The Turing Scheme is the UK Government's new global programme for studying and working abroad, providing students and recent graduates in the UK with funding to support international education opportunities across the globe.

We will be creating Turing placement opportunities over the next 12 months and will make information available on how to apply as soon as details are confirmed. Please keep checking this website for updates; you can also sign up to our monthly newsletter for news from Global Opportunities and other information about going abroad.

The current Turing project begins 1st September 2021 and runs through August 2022. Placements need to be a minimum of 4 weeks and can last up to 12 months.

Students on all study levels can participate (UG, PGT and PGR), as well as recent graduates (the placement must take place within 12 months of graduating).

Funding will be available to help cover the costs of living abroad; students from disadvantaged backgrounds are eligible for a higher cost of living grant and an additional travel grant to help increase participation. 


Opportunities Supported by Turing Funding in 21/22

2021-22 Full Year and Semester Non-EU Study and Work Placements

For 2021/22 full-year/semester non-EU study and work placements we will get in touch with you to process Turing grants.

PGR International Research Funding

PhD and MRes students can apply for funding to support international research placements through the PGR Turing Global Fellowship Scheme. If you are a PGR student who is conducting a research placement abroad, which will last for at least 4 weeks, you may be eligible for Turing support. Funding for sixty placements is available for the 2021/22 academic year. Visit this page for full details of the fellowships, and to apply.

Team volunteer & internship expeditions in the Fiji Islands

Think Pacific is a social enterprise and registered Fijian charity that has been delivering programmes in partnership with the Fijian government since 2009.

We have Turing Funding to support up to thirty students with some of the cost of a Think Pacific placement for summer 2022. Funding rates will depend on personal circumstances and for some students this will include support with flight costs. Think Pacific can support students to fundraise the remaining costs of their placement.

Please click here to see available programmes for Newcastle University students and for information on how to apply.

You can find out more at a Global Opportunities Zoom drop-in session provided by Think Pacific on December 15th 2021 – email us for joining instructions.

Biodiversity Global Field Expeditions

Operation Wallacea (OpWall) is a biodiversity and climate research organization, which runs global field expeditions that students can join.  

Turing funding is available for up to twenty students who undertake a global expedition with Operation Wallacea. Priority for funding will go to students who undertake an OpWall dissertation expedition to collect data for their degree research project, but we encourage all students who might be interested to contact us, as funding may be available to support both research and extra-curricular expeditions. Funding rates will depend on the student’s personal circumstances and the length and location of their placement. For more details of Operation Wallacea’s expeditions visit their webpages, or you can watch the OpWall Newcastle University Go Abroad Fair briefing video .   

Medical Student Electives

Students undertaking medical electives of at least 4 weeks in duration to international locations in 2022 are eligible for Turing funding support. Please contact us for details of the funding available.

School based activity

Some schools are running international mobility programmes that will be supported with Turing funding - these include Architecture, Maths, Stats and Physics, International Development and Civil Engineering. Students can contact their Schools for further information - some opportunities will only be available to students registered on certain modules.

Future Opportunities through Turing

We have Turing funding available to support students to undertake mobility activity during 2022 until August 31st. We expect that this will include summer schools and internships. All activity must last for at least 4 weeks to be eligible for Turing funding and activities must be completed by August 31st 2022.

We expect Turing funding to be available beyond August 2022, but we can’t provide further detail as we will need to bid for the next iteration of the scheme.

Students undertaking an international placement/ mobility that is not listed should feel free to contact us to check if they are eligible to receive Turing funding to support them.

Students should Sign up to the Global Opportunities mailing list to be kept updated on the latest opportunities.

For further queries please don’t hesitate to email us: or click here to submit a contact request form. 

Other Funding Opportunities

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