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Students can view entry routes to France below. However, it should be noted that all visa information should be verified with the local consulate/embassy for the most up to date, accurate and real time information. 

France Visa Table

Students should make sure their passports are signed and stamped when entering and exiting Border Controls. These stamps will prove the duration of your visit and more importantly prove to the visa official that you have not overstayed your 90-day visit.

It is important to understand the Schengen 90/180 rule.  You are allocated 90 visa free days to use within the Schengen Zone, however you must remember these are rolling days and are added onto a cumulative total of days in the Schengen region. Leaving and entering does not reset your calculator – only leaving for a period of 90 days in a non-Schengen country will reset your Visa free 90 day allowance. You can read about the Schengen rules here.

As a result of the UK departing the European Union on 1 January 2021, entry and visa procedures now vary from country to country.

PLEASE NOTE the University cannot guarantee that the information on the country-specific pages is up to date.

The information is taken from various sources which is copied here as a convenience and for informational purposes only. The University does not endorse or approve the information and is in no way responsible for the accuracy, legality or content.

Global Opportunities strongly encourages students/staff to continuously check the UK Government's foreign travel advice for the latest updates on entry restrictions and requirements: Foreign travel advice - GOV.UK ( and to also check the information provided by the relevant country's embassy to the UK.