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All Students

Students should make sure their passports are signed and stamped when entering and exiting Border Controls. These stamps will prove the duration of your visit and more importantly prove to the Visa official that you have not overstayed your 90-day visit.

It is important to understand the Schengen 90/180 rule.  You are allocated 90 visa free days to use within the Schengen Zone, however you must remember these are rolling days and are added onto a cumulative total of days in the Schengen region. Leaving and entering does not reset your calculator – only leaving for a period of 90 days in a non-Schengen country will reset your Visa free 90-day allowance. You can read about the Schengen rules here.

Depending upon their nationality, Students who wish to study in Sweden for 90 days or less can do so without the need for a visa. To determine if you need a visa please see the list of non visa required countries on the Belgium Embassy website.

You can find out further information about which Visa best suits your needs for entering and staying in Studying in Sweden website.


If you do not require a visa, you can enter Belgium for up to 90 days to complete the following activities:

  • Tourist
  • Visit family or friends
  • Attend business meetings
  • Cultural or sports events
  • Short-term studies
  • Training