Study Abroad and Exchanges

Study or Work in Europe

Study or Work in Europe

Our students have a variety of options to study or work in countries across Europe as part of Erasmus+. Find out more about where you can go.

Study abroad

We have a network of over 170 partner universities across Europe where you can study as part of your degree.

Each of our partners is linked to a particular subject area. Which partner you choose to study at will depend on what subject you are studying at Newcastle.

View our European partners.

Work placements

Some degree programmes give you the opportunity to do a work placement in Europe. These include:

  • Modern Languages
  • Architecture (CAP Year)
  • Government and European Studies
  • Fine Art

If you're studying on one of these programmes you may decide that a work placement is more suited to you than further study at a partner university.

There's plenty of support and guidance to help you find a work placement. Your School will be able to advise you on the suitability of placements, and may have some links to companies where students have been on placements before.

The Careers Service can provide you with advice and resources to help you look for a work placement. They also offer guidance on how you can use your existing skills and experience to secure a placement. 

Careers Service Placement Year Module

You can also choose to complete an Erasmus+ work placement through the Careers Service Placement Year ModuleThis is a 120 credit module completed over the course of a placement year (9-12 months). It's available to penultimate year students on selected degree programmes and will count towards your final degree classification.

British Council Assistantship

If you're studying a European Modern Language you have the opportunity to apply for a British Council Assistantship as part of your Year Abroad. This allows you to work as a teaching assistant in a school or college in Europe.