Study Abroad and Exchanges

How to Apply

How to Apply

Find out if you're eligible to take part in the non-EU exchange programme and how to prepare and submit your application.


To participate in the non-EU exchange you need to be a national of an EU or EEA country.

You must have successfully completed the first year of your undergraduate degree before you can participate.

Preparing your application

The first step to prepare your application is to research your options, and consider carefully which partner you would like to apply to. Look at the modules which are available to you at each partner you're considering. You can only apply to one partner institution.

Once you've decided on a partner university you need to make an appointment to see the exchange co-ordinator in your school. You should discuss the available modules to make sure that they meet the requirements of your degree programme. This is important so that you can transfer any credits back to Newcastle.

Your School Exchange Co-ordinator is responsible for providing you with the academic advice to make sure that your exchange activity meets the requirements of your degree programme.

Check our list of school exchange co-ordinators

Application process

Part one

Please search for outgoing exchanges and click the "apply now" button to apply to be nominated.

For further instructions please click here.

The deadline for 2018-19 applications is coming soon! Speak to your school exchange co-ordinator as soon as possible for details. The deadline for school nominations is 15 January 2018.

The programme operates on a competitive basis. Nominations are reviewed following the submission deadline and successful applicants will be chosen based on the academic advice of the school exchange co-ordinator.

Part two

For the second part of the application process, you will need to apply to your chosen partner university. The Student Mobility Team will nominate you as an exchange student to the partner university and liaise with them regarding your application. They will also provide you with the necessary application documents, and help you through the process of completing them.

As part of the application you will be asked to provide evidence of the financial support which is available to you. In some case you will also need to provide health certificates.