Study Abroad and Exchanges

Exchanges From Europe (Erasmus+)

Exchanges for European Students

We invite students at our partner institutions to study at Newcastle as part of the Erasmus Exchange Programme.

You can study with us as part of the Erasmus Exchange Programme if your home university has an Erasmus Bilateral Agreement with Newcastle University, in the subject which you wish to study. The length of study can be up to one year and is determined by your university's agreement.

To find out if your university has an exchange agreement with us view our list of Erasmus partners.

A module catalogue is available to help you choose the classes you want to study when you're here. You will need this information to complete your application to study on the Erasmus programme at Newcastle.

Email us if you have a question about studying at Newcastle as part of the Erasmus programme.

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

Erasmus+ is a European Union funded programme which encourages students in higher education to spend part of their studies in another European country.

We are able to take part in this programme through the successful renewal of our Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

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Read our Exchange Programmes Brochure!