Medical Toxicology Centre



Biomonitoring is one of our five main research themes. Find out about what we do, and what projects we’re involved in.

Our aim is to assess human exposure to chemicals and their metabolites (biomarkers of exposure). We develop, evaluate and use existing and new biomarkers of toxicity (biomarkers of effect).

Current projects

UK Reference Range Study 

Researchers: PG Blain, M Dunn, A Blain, S Rushton

There is currently little or no information regarding the levels of environmental chemicals in the blood and urine of any population base within the UK. 

The reference range study aims to measure low levels of chemicals that are actually in people’s bodies. This is in contrast to predicting how much of a substance gets into people from estimates. These estimates are typically based on measurements in food, water, air, and other media.

The overall purpose of this study is to provide unique exposure information. This is key to scientists, physicians, public health practitioners and other stakeholders eg Department of Health. 

This will help prevent disease that results from exposure to environmental chemicals. 

This study will therefore measure levels of specific chemicals in blood samples of healthy donors.