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Mastering the Multi-Generational Workplace

A spotlight on Greggs

Organisations are increasingly leveraging diversity to drive success, with generational diversity becoming increasingly important. How has the arrival of Generation Z impacted today’s working culture and how can we combine the wisdom of age with the exuberance of youth? 

Newcastle Alumna, Emma Walton, People Director of Greggs, discusses this increasingly important agenda and the experience of Greggs in embracing diversity through culture rather than policy.

The discussion, hosted by David Lain, Senior Lecturer in Employment Studies at Newcastle University Business School, explores the impact of five generations working alongside each other for the first time.

Emma discusses the role of organisational culture in building diverse teams, her observations on the future of the workforce and offers ideas for individuals of any generation to influence change and overcome challenges.

Date: Thursday 20 April, 2023

Time: 8:30am - 10am

LocationNewcastle University Business School


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