Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts

Newcastle Poetry Competition

Newcastle Poetry Competition

Thank you for entering the 2019 Newcastle Poetry Competition. The winners have now been revealed!

Congratulations to the winners in both categories of the 2019 Newcastle Poetry Competition

Main Competition

Hannah Copley (1st Prize) – ‘Juice’
Jenna Clake (2nd Prize) – 'I try to make sense of things by standing very close to windows’
Dionne Boahene (3rd Prize) – ‘Ga Lessons in Grandma's Kitchen'

Commended poets

Catherine Ayres – ‘Clapping the trifle’
Katie Hale – 'Portrait of the Slave Owner as a Door'
Elisabeth Murawski – ‘No Ducks Around in Winter’
Marie Naughton – ‘Head of a Girl’
Katherine Stansfield – ‘Three beers in, Sunset Beach, Vancouver’
Helen Tookey – ‘Amber’

Young People’s Poetry Prize

Zeinab Attia – ‘The Pressure of Love’
Mishka Bari-Jones – ‘My Grandmother’s Stories’
Ide Crawford – ‘Ammonite’
Dorit Greene – ‘Muddled’
Izzy Hamer – ‘I Wish’
Elisha Heslop – ‘Home’
Thomas Probyn – ‘August 11th 1980’
Bethany Smithson – ‘Dearest Dolores on porcelain pins…’
Barney Webb – ‘Whispers’
Barney Webb – ‘secrets’
Maud Webster – ‘Leafy green pokes itself from the piss-patched slabs…’
Sydney Wright – ‘The Wait’