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Sean O’Brien on Milton’s Paradise Lost

Professor Sean O’Brien celebrates 350 years since the publication of John Milton’s Paradise Lost with an essay for BBC Radio 3.

Milton's Paradise Lost remains the most important long poem in the English language. It came out of a time of revolutionary upheaval in Britain and is a political poem as much as a theological one.

As Dr Johnson wrote, it shows ‘the power to astonish’. One of the greatest poems in the English language, Paradise Lost has done much to shape the course of English literature, provoking impassioned responses pro and con.

As part of The Essay, Sean O’Brien on the subject of 'Milton's "Adventurous Song"', will be broadcast on Monday 11th at 22:45 on BBC Radio 3.

To mark this anniversary, poets who teach in the School of English will read extracts from the opening of the poem, including Bill Herbert, Jacob Polley, Sinéad Morrissey and Sean O’Brien. This event is free to attend, and takes place on 10th October in Percy G.05 at 7.15pm. Infernal refreshments will be served. All welcome.

Illustration: Gustave Doré

published on: 6 September 2017