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The Cold Boat

The Cold Boat is dedicated to the dissemination of Poetry of Witness alongside active engagement across local and global communities. It is co-run by Newcastle University creative writing PhD researchers Tracy Gillman and Joanne Clement with the support of Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts and The Catherine Cookson Foundation. 


The Cold Boat coordinates an online archive of Poems of Witness, alongside live events that share and promote awareness of poetry of witness.


 ‘… the social is a place of resistance and struggle, where books are published, poems read, and protest disseminated. It is the sphere in which claims against the political order are made in the name of justice.' Professor Carolyn Forché


Poetry of Witness is a kind of poetry which emerges from concerns that cannot be defined as exclusively private or public: as defined by The Cold Boat project and supported by Carolyn Forché. It is a poetry which is written and read as an act of witness and testimony. Its concerns are global, national and local.


For more information, please visit The Cold Boat website.


published on: 27 July 2016