Campus Sport

The University Sports CentreCampus Sport is the umbrella term for all our participation sports programmes. These include the Intra Mural Programme, Exercise Classes and Health and Fitness Services.

Intra Mural Sport

Intra Mural Sport (IMS) is a huge programme of weekly recreational sport within the University. Students of all sporting abilities are encouraged to participate in the programme which is perfect if you enjoy playing in a friendly but competitive arena, either with your hall, course mates, society or group of friends.

Sports on offer are

  • football (11's, 7's, 5's)
  • futsal,
  • women's football (5's)
  • rugby union (15's, 10's, 7's),
  • touch rugby
  • netball,
  • mixed hockey (7's),
  • basketball (3v3),
  • indoor cricket.

Exercise Classes

High energy, high intensity, totally addictive group fitness classes.

40 cardio and strength classes every week.

From Les Mills Body Pump to Circuits, Spin to Kettlebells, Yoga to Zumba. It's your goal. Your choice.

Work that body, come dancing, sweat it out, exercise mind and body. Fitness classes, like people, come in all shapes and sizes and we're sure to have a class for you whatever your age, level of fitness or preferred workout.

Further Information

Denis Murphy | Participation & Events Manager | Tel: 0191 208 5349 |

Health and fitness services.

We can offer you therapies, fitness assessments and exercise challenges suitable for all.