Conditions of Use

  1. All persons making use of the Centre are required to comply with the following conditions of use. Entry to the Centre and use of its facilities is granted on condition that the following conditions shall be deemed to be incorporated into the contract of entry to the Centre, or for the use of any its facilities.
  2. Interpretation
    1. 'The Centre' shall mean and include all buildings, grounds or other facilities comprising the Centre for Physical Recreation and Sport.
    2. 'The Director' means the Director of the University's Centre and includes any employee of the University exercising the functions of the Director.
    3. 'User' means any person using any of the facilities of the Centre whether as a participant or spectator and whether or not a charge has been paid for entry to the Centre or the use of the facilities.
    4. 'The Hirer' means the persons or organisation hiring any part of the Centre or the use of the facilities.
    5. 'Booked Period' means the period or periods of any day reserved for the Hirer.
    6. 'Club' includes any group or organisation approved by the director for booking of facilities of the Centre.
    7. 'Period of Hire' means the period during which Booked Periods have been reserved for the Hirer.
    8. 'University' shall mean the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.
  3. Any person using the Centre shall:
    1. Comply with all the reasonable instructions and requests of the Director or other employee of the Centre.
    2. Refrain from any conduct which is unseemly or unsporting or which might cause annoyance or danger to other users of the Centre.
    3. Pay to the Centre on demand the amount of any damage (except damage from fair wear and tear) done or occasioned to the Centre or the fixtures, fittings, apparatus, equipment, furniture or other contents thereof, by them or by any other person participating jointly with them in the use of the facilities premises or by any person under their control; the amount of such damage shall be certified by the Director whose decision shall be final.
    4. Consume refreshments in the designated areas only.
    5. While participating in activities, wear dress appropriate to that activity as specified by the Director. Approved sports shoes with non marking soles - where appropriate. Users should not travel to the Centre in their playing shoes.
    6. Indemnify the University against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings in respect of the death of or injury of any person or damage to property belonging to any person arising out of the use by that person of the Centre otherwise than as a result of defective condition of the Centre or the equipment or the negligence of the University, its agents, officers or servants.
    7. Ensure that the part of the Centre used by that person and any equipment is left in a tidy and orderly condition by the end of the period of use.
    8. Carry out and observe all instructions relating to the use of the Centre and conduct therein which may from time to time be published by notice on the premises or otherwise.
  4. Any person using the Centre shall not: (unless expressly authorised by the Director)
    1. Bring any dangerous or obnoxious thing in or out of the Centre.
    2. Bring or Permit to remain in or on the Centre any dogs or other animals.
    3. Sell or attempt to sell in the Centre to other Users any goods, articles, or equipment of whatsoever kind.
    4. Put up any notices or decorations (internal or external).
    5. Take photographs at the Centre, or arrange for any filming, or televising of any activity therein.
    6. Alter or interfere with any equipment or the fittings of the Centre or the structure thereof.
    7. Smoke in any area of the Centre.
  5. Admission
    1. The Director reserves the right to refuse admission to the Centre to any person whether or not a fee has previously been paid in respect of entry and/or the use of the facilities of the Centre.
    2. The Director reserves the right to require any person to leave the Centre at any time without refunding any fee paid for entry or for the use of any facilities.
  6. Charges - The University through the Director reserves the right:
    1. To vary all charges.
    2. To vary or discontinue the availability of any or all of the facilities of the Centre.
    3. To cancel bookings of any or all of the facilities of the Centre at any time.
    4. To keep any money deposited for hire of equipment if this equipment is returned in an unsatisfactory condition. The Directors decision on this matter shall be final.
  7. The Loss or Damage to Personal Property
    1. The University does not accept responsibility or liability for any damage to or loss of property or articles whatsoever which have been left in the Centre or any part thereof by the User.
  8. Injury
    1. The University shall not be liable for any personal injury and/or consequential loss, including fatal injury and consequential loss sustained by any User of the Centre, however such injury or loss is sustained, except where such injury or loss is directly caused by the negligence of the University or its employees.
    2. Lack or inadequacy of supervision of the use of any equipment, amenity or facility of the Centre shall be deemed not to be negligence on the part of the University or its employees unless such supervision has previously been expressly arranged with the Director of the Centre.
  9. Breach of Condition
    1. In the event of any breach of these conditions the User may be required by the Director to leave the Centre and will forfeit the charge paid by such User for entry to or use of the Centre. Such action shall be without prejudice to any rights which the University may have against such User by virtue of these.
  10. Alterations of Conditions
    1. The University reserves the right without prior notice at any time to alter or amend the whole of any of these conditions.

Local Rules of Use


Cancellation of membership/cooling off period

Sports Centre members have up to 14 days to cancel their membership (with the exception of 30 day summer memberships which are non-refundable) within this cooling off period a full refund will be given. Please complete a Cancellation form. A member is only entitled to receive one membership refund within the membership year.

Data Protection Act

We will only use your information for administration purposes, such as maintaining your Sports Centre membership, communicating with you as a Sports Centre member and monitoring health and safety issues. We don't retain your data once you cease to be a Sports Centre member.

Pre Exercise Health Information

If you are currently suffering from, or have suffered from in the past any physical condition that you think may effect your ability to exercise (e.g. heart disease, cardiovascular problem, high/low blood pressure, dizziness, asthma, pain or limited movement in any joints, recent operation or illness) then you need to let us know prior to undertaking any physical exercise. If you have any other concerns about exercising then please contact us so we can talk to you about these concerns.
Should your health or medical circumstances change sufficiently during your period of membership, which may effect your ability to exercise, then you should immediately inform a member of Sports Centre Staff prior to undertaking any further physical activity. The member of staff will then discuss it with you.

Entry Fees

Members must bring with them their SMART Card incorporating their membership on each visit. Members forgetting their SMART Card will only be allowed entry upon payment of the appropriate entry fee.

Guest Fees

Sports Centre members may introduce non members as guests. The guest must pay the appropriate guest fee in operation. Guests are not entitled to use the Health & Fitness Suites, attend club sessions, play Intra Mural sport and/or participate in an exercise class. Guest fees are not an alternative to membership they are for 'bona fide' guests only.

Fraudulent Use

SMART Cards are NOT transferable. You must have the required level of membership to access the relevant activity area. Fraudulent use of SMART Cards and/or unauthorised access to an activity area will incur a fine and suspension of membership. The person whose SMART Card is fraudulently used is liable for any fines incurred.

All Sport Centre members will be subject to University Disciplinary Procedures.


Court Reservations & Equipment

The set up and take down of equipment associated with a booking will take place within that bookings 'letting' period. Any bookings not taken up by 10 minutes past the allotted start time may be reallocated.

Hire of Equipment

Sports Centre members are able to hire equipment from reception upon payment of the appropriate hire charge. In the case of damage or breakage to the equipment the hirer must pay the relevant replacement fee. The hirers Sports Centre membership will be suspended until the appropriate fee has been paid.

No Shows and Late Cancellation

Sports Centre members who make exercise class or facility bookings but fail to attend their reserved session will be subject to a charge unless 3 hours prior notice of cancellation is given. Attendance is measured by the timing of the members SMART Card being swiped on the entrance barrier in reception.

Facility Maintenance

The Centre has a continuous programme of facility maintenance that normally occurs during University vacation periods. Some of our activity areas may not be available for use during periods of maintenance. In exceptional circumstances this may be for a significant period of time.

Mobile Telephones and Filming

Mobile Telephones are NOT allowed to be used in the Changing Areas. All mobiles must be switched off before entering these areas. You may be asked to leave the facilities and suspension of membership may follow if you use a mobile in the changing areas. You should also note that filming is not permitted anywhere in the building without the express prior permission of one of the Sports Centre Team. Some photography and filming will take place periodically at our indoor and outdoor facilities for use in Newcastle University printed and digital publicity. Please let the photographer or a member of staff know if you do not want to have your photo taken or be filmed.


Lockers are for use by Sport Centre members who are using the facilities. Lockers are secured by a padlock. Members can either bring their own padlock or purchase one from reception. Lockers must not be occupied overnight. Any lockers occupied at the close of business will have their padlocks physically removed (bolt cropped) and their contents emptied, unless you hire a locker. Lockers can be hired for 3, 6, 12 month periods.  These rental lockers are specifically allocated and available on a first come first served basis.

Facility Restrictions

The Centre hosts examinations as well as other non timetabled events. During these periods some of the Centre's facilities may not be available for use. In addition there are a number of Athletic Union Clubs who have block bookings in the facilities.

Young Persons

Young Persons are excluded at all times from the Centre unless spectating, participating or officiating in a scheduled competitive fixture involving a representative University team or in a special booking that has been authorised in advance.

Young Persons are defined as being under 18 years of age.

Fire Evacuation Procedure

The fire alarm is a continuous bell and, if activated, all users are required to immediately leave the building via the nearest emergency exit. Users should then congregate at the designated fire assembly point which is located to the west of the main entrance to the building at the end of the ramp leading to the boiler house/squash courts.

Closing Time

Last admission to the Centre is 30 minutes before the Centre's stated closing time.

Customer Feedback

Please use the feedback form available on our website.