Other Fees & Charges

Entry Fees & Administration Charges

Guest Fee (Member Guest - limited activities) £6.50

Fraudulent Use (SmartCard) £25.00

Replacement SmartCard £10.00 (External Members)

Lifestyle Packages (per hour)

Personal Programme £17.00

One to One Training £22.00

One to One extra place (maximum of 2 additional places per session) £12.00 each

Items for Hire & Sale

Badminton Rackets and Table Tennis Bats (Hire) - £1.50

Shuttlecocks £1.80

Table Tennis Balls £1.00

Key Padlocks £3.50

Locker Rental

3 Months £24.00

6 Months £42.00

12 Months £60.00

Exercise Classes

Silver Member £3.00

Gold Member FREE

Late Cancellation Charge £2.00

No Show Charge £3.00

Non-Member (Vacation periods only) £6.50

Sport Therapy Clinic

Sports Massage/Holistic Therapy (Member) £14.00

Sports Massage/Holistic Therapy (Non-Member) £21.00

Indoor Sports Facilities (per hour)

Badminton (per court) £7.50

Full Sports Hall £45.00

Half Sports Hall £22.50

Multi-Purpose/Studio Room £21.00

Late Cancellation Charge (less than 3 hours) £2.00

No Show Charge £3.00

Indoor Facilties can be either booked ONLINE or by contacting us.

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Sand Dressed Artificial Pitch (Longbenton) £65.00 per hour

3G Rubber Crumb Pitch (Longbenton) £70.00 per hour

Soccer/Rugby Grass Pitch (Weekday) £65.00 per game

Soccer/Rugby Grass Pitch (Saturday) £80.00 per game

Soccer/Rugby Grass Pitch (Sunday) £95.00 per game

Cricket (Grass Wicket) TBC (On request)

Enquiries about outdoor facilities and special events should be directed to the Facilities Service Manager

Visitor/Conference Memberships available upon request - Please complete an application form quoting the relevant code.

*All Prices inclusive of VAT where applicable