Strength & Conditioning

Our Aim

The Newcastle University strength and conditioning department supports the University's high performance athletes to help them become the very best athlete possible. It is the mission of the strength and conditioning department to assist in the sporting endeavours of each student-athlete through a programme of athletic development and injury prevention, while adding to their overall student experience.

Programme Philosophy

It is the department philosophy to approach the physical development of all student-athletes with the necessary robustness and an optimal level of athletic performance. All training will be dictated by the needs analysis of the sport and the readiness of the athlete to receive that sport specific programme. All programmes are periodised to the sport requirements and run parallel to the competitive season. Sessions typically involve; movement preparation; free-weight strength training; speed, agility and/or plyometrics.

It is our philosophy that all athletes should eventually become self-sufficient trainers and therefore our programmes are driven by our desire to teach and justify everything that we prescribe. Explaining the ‘why’ behind all of our programmes underpins the principle of motivation via education. Our coaches set high standards and hold the athletes to these high standards. This is for the betterment of each individual and team performance.

Lastly, it is our view that the strength and conditioning department acts as more than just a setting for physical development alone. Instilling the appropriate behaviours and strategies of accountability, responsibility and discipline in all student-athletes is vital during their time with us. Ultimately this allows students to cultivate a suitable work ethic and take ownership of theirs lives. Hopefully students can apply these qualities long after university life.

Meet the Coaches

Richard Eaton - Head of Strength & Conditioning

Rich is a UKSCA accredited coach with over 10 years of experience. He has delivered multi-sport S&C to various field and court sports with particular emphasis on England Netball, Netball Super League, England Volleyball, Basketball and Commonwealth Games athletes from racket sports. He is fortunate to have worked with grass roots sport right up to and including Olympians and a Paralympic World Champion. Rich holds a BSc in sport science, an MSc in sport psychology and is currently International Badminton Coach to the Falkland Islands Badminton Team.

Ross Drummond

Ross is a UKSCA accredited coach, has completed a MSc in Strength & Conditioning and has over 5 years of experience. Ross has worked with a range of both field and court based performance teams at the university. Outside of the University he has worked in various roles, notably for the RFUW as North Divisional S&C coach, and in professional sport coaching Sunderland Ladies FC (Development and 1st team squads). He is currently the lead multi-sport S&C coach for the English Institute of Sport, North-East region.

Chris Ferriter

Chris works part-time at the university, is also a UKSCA accredited coach and holds an MSc in Strength & Conditioning. He began his career in 2013 volunteering at Munster Rugby, and while studying for his postgraduate degree in 2014, gained more experience at Sunderland A.F.C. and Newcastle University. He completed an S&C internship with us in 2015. Chris now delivers S&C to Rugby Union and a range of scholarship athletes. Chris also oversees S&C delivery to junior and senior level swimmers, most notably, Paralympic Champions at City of Sunderland ASC. His experience has also seen him work in Triathlon, Cycling and Trampoline.


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