Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit

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Nicola Howe

Database Manager



Roles and Responsibilities

I work in the Clinical Trials Unit as a Database Manager.  I develop databases for the capture of clinical trial data using Elsevier's MACRO, Red Pill's Sealed Envelope or Microsoft Access, and am currently working as database manager for a number of trials including CaPP3, UK Mini Mitral and COBALT.  I provide input into CRF design, monitor data collection, produce reports, clean data and liaise with Trial Managers and clinical staff throughout project duration.  I also provide support for the randomisation system for electronic online randomisation of trial patients.  I sit on the Registered CTU task and finish group for Data Sharing and I am also studying towards a PhD on participant attitudes towards data sharing on a part time basis.  




MPH Health Informatics (with distinction), Staffordshire University 2012 

MSc Enterprise Environment and Place, The University of Birmingham 2006 

BA Geography, The University of Birmingham 2005  


Previous Roles

Research Assistant on the study "The long term sequelae of radiation exposure due to computed tomography in children and young people".

Public Health Information Analyst, Sandwell Primary Care Trust.



Research Interests 


  •       Health behaviours and attitudes
  •       Health data and data sharing
  •       Health inequalities
  •       Research Methods
  •       Lifecourse Epidemiology


Whilst working at Newcastle University I completed a dissertation project "The longitudinal effects of social mobility on blood pressure at ages 50 and 60 in the Newcastle Thousand Families birth cohort" and gained a Masters in Public Health. 

I am now studying for PhD "Sharing patient trial data: Participants' attitudes towards data sharing". 

Current Projects: UK Mini Mitral, COBALT, CaPP3, NATTINA.

Previous Research Roles

   Long-term sequelae of radiation exposure due to computed tomography in children and young people