Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit

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Ruth Wood

Data Manager



I have worked with databases and data at Newcastle University since 1993, during that time I have worked on many projects in diverse clinical areas, from stroke disease to various clinical and surgical trials.  I have extensive knowledge of Microsoft Access and have developed many applications to administer and collect research data.  With the introduction of the EU Directive I have become familiar with other databases which fulfil the relevant regulations.  In NCTU we are currently using Elsevier's MACRO and Sealed Envelope’s Red Pill clinical data management systems to collect research data for clinical trials.   

I have extensive experience of using both SPSS and MS Access for data cleaning activities and statistical analyses.

Roles and Responsibilities

As a Data Manager I am currently working on a number of trials, including;

The I-KID Study - Evaluation of Efficacy, Outcomes and Safety of a New Infant Haemodialysis and Ultrafiltration Machine in Clinical Use. (Infant Kidney Dialysis and filtration)

MCDS-Therapy - Repurposing of Carbamazepine (CBZ) for the treatment of skeletal dysplasia.  A two-stage open-label phase I/IIa trial in outpatients including an initial dose determination stage followed by long-term assessment of efficacy and safety at the chosen dose. The trial includes an initial dose determination stage (Stage 1) followed by long-term assessment of efficacy and safety at the chosen dose (Stage 2).  Participant population: Children with a diagnosis of Metaphyseal chondrodysplasia, type Schmid (MCDS) with confirmed COL10A1 pathogenic mutation.

CONFORM-OH - Control, Fludrocortisone or Midodrine for the treatment of Orthostatic Hypotension: A Randomised Controlled Trial.   A pragmatic, open label, randomised, prospective, superiority, multi-arm, multi-stage clinical trial with a 10-month internal pilot.



BSc (Hons) Psychology & Zoology (University of Reading)

T.E.C. Higher Certificate in Computer Technology and Electronics (Middlesex Polytechnic)

MSc Management of Information Technology (Part time Sunderland University)


Research Interests

Data and information management and analyses, data science, clinical trials methodology.