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Wendy Banks

Trial Administrator



I am Clinical Trial Adminstrator working in the Newcastle University Clinical Trials Unit.

I currently work on the following studies:

NAIROS - An open-label mixed methods trial, informed by an already executed feasibility phase, incorporating: Accelerated Start-up with integrated QuinteT Recruitment Intervention to optimise recruitment; multicentre randomised controlled trial with qualitative process and economic evaluation, randomising participants on a 1:1 basis between septoplasty (within 8 weeks) versus medical management of nasal obstruction. Randomisation will be stratified by gender and severity (NOSE score moderate, severe, extreme).

STABILISE (closedown) - Stroke: an evaluation of Thrombectomy in the Aging Brain – {including} where IV thrombolysis is contraindicated.

UK-AIH - UK-AIH is a study for adults with autoimmune hepatitis in the UK. It will collect information from any patient who wishes to participate. Some people will be asked to donate blood samples, answer questionnaires, and let researchers use any liver tissue samples that are taken as part of their normal medical care. All this information will be studied to identify new tests and treatments. We will store safely the information and samples, and samples of participants’ DNA, so that they can be used to answer new questions about autoimmune hepatitis that may come up in the future. We will also ask people for permission to contact them or their doctors in the future if there are new studies or trials of new treatments for which they might be suitable.

AIMM - Randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, adaptive design trial of the efficacy of acipimox in patients with Mitochondrial Myopathy


Prior to the above I worked on the SPIRIT 2 study A phase III, prospective randomised comparison of imatinib  (STI571, Glivec or licensed generic) 400mg daily versus dasatinib 100mg in patients with newly-diagnosed chronic phase chronic myeloid leukaemia.