Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit



Telomerase ACTivator to reverse Immunosenescence in Acute Coronary Syndrome: a double-blind, phase II, pilot randomised controlled trial (TACTIC).

Study stage: Closedown/Analysis
Sponsor: South Tees NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust
Funder: Investigator-Initiated, non-commercial, commercially funded trial. Funding from: TA. Sciences, New York, USA
Therapeutic area: Cardiovascular
Type of study: CTIMP

Aim: The main purpose of the TACTIC study is to see whether TA-65MD® treatment for 1 year increases the length of the protective telomeres, and whether this leads to fewer ‘aged’ CD8 T cells (cells with shorter telomeres) in patients who have coronary heart disease. This study will also investigate the effect of TA-65MD® on the small blood vessels that play an important role in cardiovascular health.

Primary outcome:  To assess the effect of 1-year TA-65MD® treatment on immunosenescence in older patients following acute coronary syndrome (ACS).

Population: Adults
Clinical Phase: II
Design: RCT
Setting: Secondary Care
Planned Sample Size: 90