Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit



A trial of egg recovery rates for IVF using a collection chamber that provides environmental control

  • Study stage: Closed
  • Sponsor: The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Funder: NIHR i4i
  • Therapeutic area: Reproductive Health and Childbirth (IVF)
  • Type of study: Clinical Investigation (non CE Marked device)

Aim: To obtain safety data about Eggcell in clinical practice. To confirm that eggs can be recovered in Eggcell and that these eggs can fertilise and the embryos can develop to blastocysts. We will confirm the user acceptance of, and proficiency with revised pump technology before commencing the randomised trial to compare the egg recovery rate of Eggcell with existing technology.

Primary outcome:

Comparison of egg recovery rate between the new device (Eggcell) and standard technology.

  • Population: Adult
  • Phase: I
  • Design: RCT
  • Setting: Tertiary care
  • Planned Sample Size: 749