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Data Sharing - Application Process

Data Sharing - Application Process

Interested in accessing data from one of our studies?

If you are interested in the possibility of accessing data from one of our studies, please check the information that is available about the study on the study website to see if it meets your requirements.

The application process

NCTU is committed to sharing study data for additional, ethical research with justified scientific objectives. We have a controlled access approach whereby applicants make formal applications for data sharing. These formal applications are reviewed by senior members of the NCTU in conjunction with the Chief Investigator, Sponsor and other external Stakeholders as required.

How to make an application to access the data?

To make an application to access the study data the NCTU Data Sharing Request Form must be completed. This request form contains the key questions the reviewers will use to assess your application.

The form requires information about:

  • Study design
  • Study objectives
  • Data required
  • Ethical approval and consent requirements
  • Proposed analysis
  • Planned outputs
  • Funding and resources needed and support available

The NCTU Data Sharing Request Form can be downloaded from the link below and should be completed by the Lead Applicant. The completed form must then be emailed to

When will a decision be made on the data sharing request?

The aim is to review all data sharing requests within 3 months from receipt. Once a decision has been made about the request the Lead Applicant will be informed via email. If the data sharing requested is refused the rational for refusal will be documented in the email.