School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Chemistry Facilities

Chemistry Facilities

A wide range of Chemistry facilities and services are available at the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences.

You will benefit from our well-resourced research laboratories and synthetic chemistry teaching laboratories. Other facilities include:

We offer you access to a wide range of mass spectrometry (MS) equipment and consultancy services for research. We offer a wide array of equipment for molecule analysis of biological, chemical and environmental samples.

You will also have access to the Chemical Analytical Services Unit. This offers elemental analysis of compounds; GC-MS and mass spectrometer with EI, FAB, CI; and electrospray ionisation capabilities.

We also have exceptional X-ray Crystallographic facilities, including a CCD area detector diffractometer and low-temperature facilities, allowing rapid determination of the structure of crystalline compounds.

In addition, individual research groups are well-equipped with modern spectroscopic techniques for both kinetic and analytical functions.

Chemistry facilities.