School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Expertise & Facilities

Expertise and Facilities


  • Animal field studies
  • Conservation ecology
  • DNA fingerprinting of plants
  • Effects and monitoring of gaseous pollutants
  • Fungal pests in the aquatic environment
  • Health and Safety for laboratory and field work
  • Identification of microbial contaminants
  • Impact of climate change on plants
  • Pests and their management
  • Plant metabolism
  • Preservation and decontamination of crops and minimally-processed foods

Outreach activities of staff

The expertise of our staff is reflected in the wide range of outreach activities they take part in.


  • State of the art molecular, biochemical and physiological facilities
  • New dedicated group specialising in medical and environmental pollinators-budge (PDF: 250KB)
  • Plant growth facilities, in both lab and field
  • Farm-scale animal/plant trials  

    We have full access to the wide range of University facilities, including stable isotope mass spectrometers, electron microscopes, engineering facilities, computing and library resources.