School of Natural and Environmental Sciences


Industrial Advisory Board Members

External members

  • Prof Michael Stephenson (Chair), Managing Director, Helena Biosciences Europe
  • Mr Paul Batley, Head of Science, Whitley Bay High School
  • Mrs Suzanne Harrison, Team Leader and Senior Advisor, Land Management National Team, Natural England
  • Dr Tony Martin, Director, E3 Ecology Ltd
  • Dr Amanda Miller, Acting Regional Conservation Manager, RSPB
  • Dr Ian Robinson, Regional Public Affairs Manager, RSPB
  • Mr Chris Smith, Global Sustainability Manager, Procter & Gamble

School Members

  • Professor Hans-Peter Klenk, Head of School
  • Dr Tim Boswell, Degree Programme Director, BSc Biology & Undergraduate Board of Studies Chair
  • Dr Jem Stach, Degree Programme Director, BSc Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Dr Richard Bevan, Degree Programme Director, BSc Zoology and Ecology and Environmental Biology
  • Dr Ethan Hack, Director of Teaching
  • Dr Gordon Port, MSc Board of Studies Chair
  • Dr Martin Edwards, Degree Programme Director, MSc Industrial & Commercial Biotechnology
  • Prof John Bythell, Degree Programme Director, MSc Ecological Consultancy
  • Dr Aileen Mill, MSc Wildlife Management
  • Darren Johnson, University Careers Service
  • Heather Martin, School Manager
  • Chair of UG Staff Student Committee
  • Chair of PGT Staff Student Committee