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Electronic Workshop


Our electronic workshop is designed to provide bespoke services to our customers with handmade electronic solutions for your current or emerging scientific needs.

We collaborate with academic and research staff to provide a technical service covering teaching and research.

In the Electronic Workshop we use decades of combined experience to develop your ideas into practical realities to further your work safely and efficiently.

We can design printed circuit or prototype new equipment from concept to installation. We work closely with the mechanical and glassblowing services to provide a comprehensive technical service.

Recent projects include:

  • HHO generator for use in school outreach demonstrations - with bicycle generator
  • micro-valve drivers for PC interface
  • air quality monitor for laboratory safety

We also repair simple and specialised instrumentation such as:

  • X-ray spectrometry equipment
  • HPGC and chemical analysis equipment
  • hotplate/stirrers
  • mantles, ultrasonic baths and other laboratory equipment

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Staff in the Electronic Workshop.

Two technicians staff the electronic workshop. Both are experienced electronic engineers with decades of experience and wide knowledge of electronic systems.

Chris Burrow

Geoff Reah 

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The Electronic Workshop is located on the southern corner of the Bedson building basement in room B13 next to the Mechanical Workshop and stores:

School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Bedson Building
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