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Marine Science - Business Opportunities

Marine Science - Business Opportunities

We are pleased to offer services and training to business and industry.

All our Marine Science research groups are actively involved in industrial partnerships, which often take advantage of the interdisciplinary expertise available in the school.

Working with us provides access to:

  • consultancy services, including design and testing of prototypes and systems
  • new ideas and emerging technologies for the marine environment
  • interdisciplinary expert knowledge
  • specialised equipment and testing facilities for hire
  • continuing professional development that can lead to postgraduate qualifications
  • biological assessment and analysis
  • tailored courses to provide small group training

Since 1985, three spin-out companies have been formed to commercialise intellectual property (IP) arising from our marine research.

For more information:

Faculty of Science Agriculture & Engineering (SAgE) Enterprise Team
Tel: +44 (0) 191 208 3721

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