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Capturing our Coast

Marine Seminar Series - Dr Katrin Bohn, Natural England

Date/Time: Thursday 25 October 2018, 16:00 - 17:00

Venue: Ridley Building 2, Room 1.65

Capturing our Coast

Capturing Our Coast leads on from the success of the Big Sea Survey, a citizen science project piloted in the North-East UK.

Volunteers are given standardised training and ongoing support in order to return robust data on rocky shore ecosystems across the UK.

Replicable protocols allow data to be collected on sets of species chosen specifically to identify differences in distribution and abundance.

In addition to standardised surveys, volunteers can support staff with a number of experimental and direct investigations such as how breeding seasons vary with latitude.

In addition to providing robust data to inform key ecological questions across a broad spatial scale, Capturing Our Coast aims to provide a benchmark model for future marine citizen science programmes.


Katrin is a coastal ecologist interested in how changes to coastal systems (non-native species, climate change-induced range shifts, coastal development) affect the distribution of benthic species and MPAs.

Past research includes recruitment of temperate and subtropical invertebrates, ecology of invasive non-native species and intertidal citizen science (Capturing our Coast).

She is now Marine Ecology Specialist for Natural England, working on condition assessments of Marine Protected Areas, including rocky shore surveys and citizen science.