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Consumers' behaviour in domestic wine purchase

Agriculture Seminar Series - Dr Marina Tomic, University of Zagreb

Date/Time: Tuesday 25 September, 13:00 - 14:00

Venue: Room 3.14, Agriculture Building


The goal of the research was to determine drivers of preference for domestic wine using an extended model of the Theory of Planned Behaviour.

Furthermore, the research focuses on investigation about the relation between preference for domestic wine and willingness to pay for domestic wine.

The face to face survey were conducted on a sample of 315 Croatian wine buyers using a mall-intercept. Data were analysed using linear regression analysis and Structural Equation Modeling.

The investigation found that consumer ethnocentrism has strong and positive impact on attitudes about domestic wine purchase.

Attitude has the strongest effect on the intention to buy domestic wine, while the intention is the strongest predictor of behaviour, namely preference for domestic wine.

Although most consumers are willing to pay more for domestic wine, there is no relation between preference for domestic wine and willingness to pay for domestic wine.

The results of this research can serve as an informative basis for creating marketing strategies in order to increase purchase of domestic food products, namely wine. 


Marina Tomić is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Agricultural Marketing, University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture.

She finished her PhD in Agricultural Economics in 2016. Marina has published many articles in different scientific journals on a wide assortment of consumer behaviour topics, and has attended several international conferences.

In the past 7 years she took part in 6 EU projects and 6 projects funded by Croatian funds. Her research interest are in marketing applied to food, and particularly in Digital Marketing and Trade.