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IZTECH Researchers’ Networking Workshop

15 March

Opening (20 min) – 09.00 (12.00 TR)

  1. Prof. Dr. Alper Baba, IZTECH Vice-Rector on Research

  2. Prof. Rob Edwards, Head of School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Informatory Session on Grant Opportunities for TR-UK Joint Research:

Elisa Miles - NCL- Senior Research Funding Development Mgr

Başar Şirin - IZTECH Research Directorate

Energy and resources - / 9:20-10:50 (Local Time in GB) (12.20-13.50 TR)

Dr. Mark Ireland – Geothermal energy - Geothermal Research: New Thinking in Old Basins

Dr. Shannon Flynn – Lithium/REE recovery from brines (NCL- Earth, Ocean and Planetary Science Group)

Dr. Sanem Acikalin – Subsurface reservoirs, reservoir damage (NCL- Earth, Ocean and Planetary Science Group)

Dr. Alper Bayrakdar - Bioenergy from waste (IZTECH - Environmental Engineering)

Prof. Dr. Alper Baba - Importance and future of geothermal energy resource (IZTECH - Civil Engineering)

Break - 10 min

Recycling and Sustainability -  11.00- 12.20 (Local Time in GB) (14.00-15.20 TR)

Prof. Dr. Mustafa M. Demir - Metal recovery from geothermal sources (IZTECH - Materials Science and Engineering)

Dr.-Ing. Mehmet Ali Küçüker - Biomining concept for metal recovery from secondary sources  (IZTECH - Environmental Engineering)

Prof. Sam Wilson – Biological nitrogen fixation: Nature's example of bioengineering (NCL- Earth, Ocean and Planetary Science Group)

Dr.-Ing. Mertol Gökelma - Al recovery from bottom ash (IZTECH - Materials Science and Engineering)

Dr. Miguel Morales Maqueda – Modelling the dispersion of microplastics in the ocean at regional and global scales (NCL- Earth, Ocean and Planetary Science Group) (pre-record)

Break  - 10 min

Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering- 50min / 12:30-13.50  (Local Time in GB) (15.30-16.50)

Dr. James Knight - Radiotracers for Molecular Imaging of Cancer (NCL- Chemical engineering)

Prof.Dr. Devrim Pesen Okvur - Organ-on-chip Cancer Models (IZTECH - Molecular Biology & Genetics)

Dr Ana Ferreira-Duarte – Natural-based bioinks for the manufacturing of biomimetic constructs (NCL- Bioengineering)

Dr. Altan Özkan - Chitin nanofiber production from microalgae (IZTECH - Environmental Engineering)

Dr Piergiorgio Gentile – Layer-by-layer assembly for multilayered constructs for biomedical applications (NCL- Bioengineering)

Dr. Cumhur Tekin - Detection of biomarkers in microfluidic devices using magnetic-based techniques (IZTECH - Bioengineering)

Break - 10 min

Discussion - 30min – 14.00-14:30 (Local Time in GB) (17.00-17.30 TR)

Prof. İpek Akpınar, Head of Sustainable Green Campus Coordinatorship, IZTECH

Matt Dunlop – Head of Sustainable Campus, Head of sustainability, NCL

Group members


16 March

Landuse and remediation -  10:00-11.50 (Local Time in GB) (13.00-14.50)

Prof. Yit Arn Teh – Sustainable land use, soil carbon capture (NCL- Earth, Ocean and Planetary Science Group)

Prof. Neil Gray – Mineral microbe interactions and the fate of pollutants (NCL- Earth, Ocean and Planetary Science Group)

Prof. David Manning - Rock dust for soil fertilisation (NCL- Earth, Ocean and Planetary Science Group)

Dr. Hale Demirtepe - Bioremediation of sediments contaminated with persistent organic pollutants (IZTECH - Environmental Engineering)

Dr. Hatice Eser Ökten - Water-Energy-Food Nexus (IZTECH - Environmental Engineering)