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Chemical Biology paper recognised in leading scientific journal

Congratulations to Dr. Joe Gray and Dr. Michael Hall, Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, for the publication of their paper and back cover image in the latest edition of ChemBioChem, a leading chemical biology journal.

The paper, titled 'Traceless Cleavage of Protein-Biotin Conjugates under Biologically Compatible Conditions', was written in collaboration with Dr. Joe Gray of the Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences.

The project involved the creation of new molecular tools to allow the reversible chemical modification or "tagging" of native proteins. The new chemical tags can then be removed under conditions that both leave the protein intact and remove any trace of the tags presence.

This technology will facilitate reversible tagging in many areas of biomolecule analysis, including protein biochemistry and proteomics; principally when its use is applied to important research techniques involving protein affinity chromatography and related biomolecule purification.

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The cover image of ChemBioChem journal
Artist rendition of Dr Hall's work on the cover of ChemBioChem

published on: 22 August 2017