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Galapagos a Paradise in Peril

At a recent seminar, Patricia Jaramillo and Washington Tapia delivered a talk entitled 'Galapagos a Paradise in Peril Ecological Restoration as a Conservation Tool'


Galapagos is probably the most conserved archipelago in the world because it maintains 95% of its original biodiversity and ecosystems, and also 99.8% of its territory is protected area.

However, it is currently facing a number of threats to natural capital conservation.

The main threats are introduced species and some unsustainable human activities.

But, the Ecuadorian government, with help from non-governmental organizations, research centres, universities and individual researchers is working hard to restore not only the species but also the islands which have suffered any degradation level in the past.

Two good examples of ecological restoration are the Galapagos Verde 2050project and the Giant Tortoise Restoration Initiative, both are projects focused on contributing to restoring species and ecosystems.

A copy of the slides are available here: Galapagos a Paradise in Peril [PDF: 9728KB]

published on: 31 March 2017