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Newcastle University student wins funding for aspiring farm managers who don't have a farming background

Jake Hodgson, studying Applied Plant Science at Newcastle, has been awarded the prestigious John Innes Foundation bursary for 2019/20.

Awarded to one student per year, the John Innes Foundation Bursary is to finance one UK Home student per year, who wishes to follow a career in Crop Production or Farm Management but do not come from a farming background. As well as covering tuition fees, the successful student will be given the opportunity of working closely with Velcourt, the UKs largest Farm Management Company.

On his decision to study Applied Plant Science, Jake said:

“Studying Applied Plant Science came as a relatively easy decision to me, I have always been interested in growing both agriculturally and horticulturally. While researching what course to study at university, I found Applied Plant Science at Newcastle University and knew that it was for me.”

Jake was informed of the bursary by the academic staff on the course, who supported him during the application process:

“After my first month of study, I received an email from one of my lecturers encouraging me to apply for the John Innes Foundation bursary. I met with Keith Norman, a trustee of the foundation, for my interview and was later informed I had been successful in my application. Through the bursary, I’m given the opportunity to work for Velcourt during summer holidays and be considered for the Velcourt management training scheme following graduation.”

Jake believes it’s important for people without a farming background to consider a career in this rewarding industry:

“I think it is important people understand that Agriculture is a widely diverse industry and contains jobs and opportunities that may not first seem apparent. I have no family connections to agriculture. However, through work experience and a natural love of the subject, I quickly learned and developed skills I needed. Following my degree, I hope to explore a career in arable agronomy.”

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Jake Hodgson, winner of the John Innes Foundation Bursary 2019/20
Jake Hodgson, winner of the John Innes Foundation Bursary 2019/20

published on: 30 January 2020