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Newcastle experts win share of £1.5m funding for livestock disease research

Experts from Newcastle University are among a team that's won £1.5m of research funding.

The award helps research better ways of understanding and managing endemic livestock disease.

These diseases undermine animal welfare, productivity and farming sustainability.

13 experts from across the UK

A team of 13 experts from 6 universities gained the funding from the Wellcome Trust.

The experts cover disciplines including history, social science, economics and epidemiological modelling.

The other institutions involved are the universities of:

  • Hull
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Leeds Trinity
  • Kings College London

Disciplinary silos hampering search for solutions

Traditional disciplinary silos have hampered the search for solutions so far.

Research of disease biology has been separate from human factors shaping its effects.

New interdisciplinary approach

This project will break new ground in developing an interdisciplinary approach.

It will cut across the realms of nature and culture, science and society, human and animal.

Researchers will investigate past and present effects of two exemplar endemic livestock diseases.

They will look at how they relate to changes in farming systems, communities and the wider world.

Developing better predictions of disease

The researchers aim to develop better predictions of disease in the future. They can then advise on its management.

The four-year project starts in September 2018. It includes an award of £365,924 to Newcastle University for a project led by Dr Amy Proctor.

Centre for Rural Economy

Researchers from the Centre for Rural Economy also include:

For more information, contact Amy Proctor email

Foot and mouth and bovine TB are among the livestock diseases researchers are investigating.
Lameness and bovine viral diarrhoea are among the livestock diseases researchers are investigating.

published on: 6 February 2018