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Students highlight national park research

Students have presented exciting new research about one of Britain's most spectacular landscapes.

Northumberland National Park is an important area of conservation in the UK.

Our students gave insight into further protection of aspects of the park at a showcase this week.

Executives of Northumberland National Park Authority, landowners and farmers attended.

The showcase took place at The Sill landscape discovery centre near Hadrian's Wall.

Exciting national park research

Both undergraduates and postgraduates from The School of Natural Sciences took part.

They included:

  • Ruth Bell (sheep monitoring)
  • Steven Lipscombe (habitat surveys)
  • Tom Hutchinson (liver fluke)
  • Adam Rogers (UAV and habitat monitoring)
  • Laura Melrose (Cheviot goat behaviour)
  • Joe Clements (small mammal distribution)

Dr Richard Bevan and Helen Adamson supervised students during the showcase.

'Superb advert for the university'

Dr Bevan said: "Our students performed brilliantly. They were a superb advert for the School and university."

National park chief executive Tony Gates and head of conservation Andrew Miller attended.

The park's programmes officer, Abi Mansley, organised the event.

Laura Melrose gives a presentation about Cheviot goat behaviour at The Sill landscape discovery centre.
Laura Melrose gives a presentation about Cheviot goat behaviour at The Sill.

published on: 22 December 2017