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Plant and Microbial Biology

Plant and Microbial Biology

Our researchers study the molecular biology and biochemistry of plants and microbes. This has applications in the design and redesign of biological systems.

Our research

The Plant and Microbial Biology group pursues fundamental research within the plant sciences, microbiology and biotechnology. 

Our research includes that into carbon-fixation and utilisation pathways in both marine and terrestrial plants as well as microbes; plant physiology and development biology; marine microbial ecology; secondary metabolism; and plant-microbial interactions.

Our staff have expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry, glycobiology, protein biochemistry, genomics, bioinformatics and bioimaging. 

Our research has strong biotechnological outcomes. We are active in areas such as sustainable agricultural production, the discovery and production of novel bioactive compounds, industrial and marine biotechnology, and the development of functional biomaterials.

We offer excellent research and teaching opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students through our undergraduate degree programmes, and our postgraduate MSc, MRes, MPhil and PhD degrees.

Our Themes

Our research themes span fundamental to applied research within the plant sciences, microbiology and biotechnology. 

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