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Earth, Ocean and Planetary Sciences Research

Earth, Ocean and Planetary Sciences Research

Our group is the focal point for Earth, Ocean and Planetary Sciences (EOPS) at Newcastle.

Our research

EOPS staff use a range of approaches to carry out research in two broad, overlapping areas:

Our projects are typically multidisciplinary.


We teach at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, across a multitude of degree courses.

Excellent facilities

We take advantage of excellent facilities. They allow us to combine cutting-edge components of the long established disciplines of:

  • geology
  • biology
  • chemistry

Published research

Our published research is making an impact with policymakers across the globe and showcasing our many discoveries. We also feature regularly in the news.

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We conduct significant research under two broad themes. These are Energy and Natural Resources, and Biogeochemistry and the Environment.


We're engaged in a vast array of projects that embrace and span our research themes. We're making major discoveries that are helping to provide sustainable energy for the future while protecting the planet.

Energy and natural resources projects

Biogeochemistry and the environment projects


Our publications are listed alphabetically by lead author under our two research themes.

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