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Energy and Natural Resources

Energy and Natural Resources

We focus on Earth resources needed to transform our energy systems to a post fossil fuel world.

We recognise that for the time being geologically-sourced methane is essential as a raw material. It's needed for hydrogen production and nitrogen fertilizer manufacture. Coal is an essential raw material to make steel used in electric vehicles, wind turbines and other structures.

Investing our knowledge in novel approaches to generating and storing energy

We take knowledge gained through the huge investment in research into fossil fuels over the past 40 years. We transfer that knowledge to novel requirements of geological resources. We look at geothermal energy and underground storage of hydrogen or CO2.

Newcastle University is unique in having its own 1,640m deep geothermal well. This enables us to carry out pilot scale research. It can help reduce the risk of drilling further wells and understand their performance.

Exploring new ways to mitigate climate change


We were the first to show that atmospheric CO2 is captured in urban soils as calcium carbonate. This raises awareness of the value of soils for mitigating climate change.

We work on microbial fuel cells. We have shown that geological minerals enhance biogas production. Our work has established mechanical properties that inform engineered storage of CO2 in deep coal seams.

Energy and natural resources projects

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