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Coastal Guardians against Marine Pollution

Coastal Guardians Against Marine Pollution

We worked with different primary schools across the North East to break our reliance on plastics and look for alternatives to packaging.

Because plastic is such a long-lasting material, and because we use such vast quantities in our daily lives, it is becoming a real threat to marine life and to our ocean ecosystems.

What we did

This project was funded by Merck Sharp and Dohme.

We worked with a number of different primary schools across the north-east region for one year to:

  • raise awareness of the consequences of coastal litter
  • change their attitudes and behaviours in a positive way
  • conduct litter surveys
  • reduce litter by removing it from coastal areas and changing behaviour
  • produce a series of educational packs for primary schools across the north-east
  • encourage confidence in literacy and numeracy skills
  • promote science learning through outdoor activities and engagement with marine experts