School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Biology & Zoology - Postgraduate Research

Biology and Zoology - Postgraduate Research

We are an enthusiastic and expanding research community which provides a stimulating and exciting research environment. We promote interdisciplinary research relating to the natural, agricultural and urban environments in the UK and abroad using physiological, molecular and modelling techniques.

We offer three year PhD research programmes, and also cater for part-time PhD students. Every year we organise a Postgraduate conference where all PhD students present their results.

In addition to training in research specific skills we offer all our PhD students excellent training in a wide range of other skills, such as statistics and web design, through the SAgE Graduate School.

View details of our Biology MPhil, PhD programme.

How to apply for a PhD research programme in biology and zoology

Our research areas cover a wide spectrum, from whole organism biology to molecular biology and modelling. 

Postgraduate Research Supervisors and their research areas can be found by looking at the staff list. You may also contact individual staff directly if you have any queries about your interests, and the scope of our supervision in your subject.

Once you have decided on your project and agreed a potential supervisor, you should make a formal application.

Funded studentships for our science PhDs and other research degrees

We have a variety of funded PhD studentships available that you can apply for. Funding is available from the Natural Environment Research Council through a number of doctoral training partnerships we're involved with.