School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Biology & Zoology - Postgraduate Research

Biology and Zoology - Postgraduate Research

We offer research degree opportunities across a range of biology and zoology areas. We're making an impact in plant and microbial biology, ecology, and modelling, evidence and policy.

Research strengths

We offer opportunities to earn your PhD by doing postgraduate research in:

  • conflict and synergies between human objectives and conservation interests
  • co-creation of research to inform global biodiversity policy processes, especially on species conservation
  • modelling disease in wildlife, livestock and human systems to identify mitigation
  • enhancing resilience, productivity and quality of plants in natural and agricultural systems
  • biotechnological routes to novel materials and processes, and production of sustainable chemicals
  • systematics and evolution

Vital work

You can also get involved in the vital work we do in areas such as:

  • working towards effective protected area networks and mitigation of anthropogenic mortalities
  • developing sustainable agro-ecosystems
  • examining the loss of ecological functions, such as:
    • pollinators
    • top predators
    • fisheries
    • coastal protection
    • amenity values
  • understanding the consequences of environmental change on the resilience of ecological networks
  • how natural environmental systems can, or should be, valued
  • how recent leaps in technology (e.g. DNA-metabarcoding) can assist analysis, monitoring, restoration and conservation of the natural environment

Our degrees

We offer a PhD or MPhil in Biology, where you can engage in research in the areas we specialise in.

Biology MPhil, PhD

We have developed a system of measuring the impact that forest fragmentation has on animal species, which is helping to inform conservation and restoration efforts.

Funded studentships for our science PhDs and other research degrees

We have a variety of funded PhD studentships available that you can apply for. Funding is available from the Natural Environment Research Council through a number of doctoral training partnerships we're involved with.