School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Chemistry - Postgraduate Research

Chemistry - Postgraduate Research

You can get involved in Chemistry that answers fundamental scientific questions with us. Our research degrees give you access to science addressing societal challenges and advancing technologies.

Research strengths

We have specialists in synthesis, spectroscopy, microscopy, electrochemistry and theory/computation. You can help us to look at:

  • molecular and materials design
  • nanoscience
  • bio-based materials
  • health, energy and environment

Combating cancer and infectious disease

We focus on rapid development of new treatments for key disease areas. We do this through active drug discovery projects and development of new technology. You could help us with our research on:

  • cancer drug discovery
  • infectious disease drug discovery
  • new approaches to drug discovery
  • radiochemistry and imaging
  • computational drug chemistry

Engineering materials for emerging technology

You can helps us seek deeper understanding of the functional properties of materials. Then we can enhance their application in emerging technologies. Key strengths in this area include:

  • x-ray diffraction
  • advanced spectroscopy
  • energy materials
  • excited state processes and dynamics
  • theory and computation

Our degrees

We offer an MPhil and PhD in Chemistry.

Chemistry MPhil, PhD

Through the Drug Discovery Programme, our researchers are discovering new targeted drug therapies in the fight against cancer.

Funded studentships for our science PhDs and other research degrees

We have a variety of funded PhD studentships available that you can apply for. Funding is available from the Natural Environment Research Council through a number of doctoral training partnerships we're involved with.