School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Agriculture Masters Degrees

Agriculture Masters Degrees

We offer taught courses including sustainable agriculture, rural development and biodiversity.

Our Agriculture students look at plant development and biology.

Agricultural and Environmental Science

The management of the agricultural/environmental interface is increasingly recognised as critical for sustainable agriculture, and for nature conservation.

With ever changing laws and legislation and increased speed in environmental degradation, the need for environmental protection has never been so important.

This has led to an increased demand in the sector for skilled and qualified scientists.

Agricultural and Environmental Science MSc

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Sustainable agriculture and food security focuses on the availability of food now and in the future: a major concern of scientific and commercial communities worldwide.

The prominence of this subject is driven by:

  • an increasing global population
  • pressure on non-renewable resources
  • a need to increase food production while minimising the impact on the environment

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security MSc 

Food and Rural Development Research

This course provides high quality training for a research career focusing on food social science, rural development and rural sociology.

Food and Rural Development Research MSc

As part of the Centre for Crop Health and Protection we are giving farmers the knowledge and technology to tackle biotic crop threats and improve security.

Postgraduate Opportunity Scholarships 2019/20

The University is offering Postgraduate Opportunity Scholarships on the basis of:

  • £5,000 award per student
  • for UK students progressing from an undergraduate course for which they were charged the higher tuition fee (£9,000 or above) from 2012 onwards
  • for 2019 entry to eligible taught or research Master’s degrees only
  • for students with an offer of a place on an eligible course: students without an academic offer will not be considered