School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Biology & Zoology Masters Degrees

Biology and Zoology Masters Degrees

Our taught postgraduate courses allow students to access a range of specialisms and research.

A Biology student works with samples in an isolation cupboard.

Computational Ecology

Our Computational Ecology MSc gives you knowledge and skills to work with ecological 'big data'.

It focuses on mathematical and statistical theory necessary for data interpretation and analysis.

Computational Ecology MSc 

Ecology and Wildlife Conservation

Our Ecology and Wildlife Conservation MSc equips you with the skills necessary to pursue a successful career as an ecologist or in an environmentally-related field.

The course has a professional focus, preparing you for the workplace.

Ecology and Wildlife Conservation MSc

Global Wildlife Science and Policy

Our Global Wildlife Science and Policy MSc aims to combine science and policy in the fields of ecology and conservation.

The course responds to a growing demand for professionals with an understanding of these areas.

Global Wildlife Science and Policy MSc

Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management

This course studies wildlife conservation in the wider context of UK land use, particularly agriculture and amenity.

Practical skills are emphasised with management problem-solving on nature reserves.

Field courses provide experience in plant and animal identification and surveying techniques.

Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management MSc

Ecological Consultancy

Our Ecological Consultancy MSc gives you knowledge, specialised technical skills and professional awareness.

It will prepare you for a career as an ecological consultant or in other environmental roles.

The course has a professional focus, preparing you for the workplace.

Ecological Consultancy MSc

Wildlife Management

It is professionally focused and relevant to a range of roles in the sector. The course aims to provide graduates with:

  • advanced knowledge of wildlife management theory
  • the principles of biodiversity and conservation
  • epidemiology and wildlife conflicts

Wildlife Management MSc

We have developed a system of measuring the impact that forest fragmentation has on animal species, which is helping to inform conservation and restoration efforts.
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Postgraduate Opportunity Scholarships 2019/20

The University is offering Postgraduate Opportunity Scholarships on the basis of:

  • £5,000 award per student
  • for UK students progressing from an undergraduate course for which they were charged the higher tuition fee (£9,000 or above) from 2012 onwards
  • for 2019 entry to eligible taught or research Master’s degrees only
  • for students with an offer of a place on an eligible course: students without an academic offer will not be considered