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Biotechnology Masters Degrees

Biotechnology Masters Degrees

Biotechnology utilises biological systems and living organisms to develop or create different products. At Newcastle University, you can pick a Biotechnology Masters degree that best suits your interests.

At the forefront of new products and technologies

You will work with cutting-edge equipment and facilities, led by experts in the field. New technologies and products are developed in industries such as:

  • medicine: development of new medicines and therapies
  • agriculture: development of genetically modified plants, biofuels, biological treatment
  • industrial biotechnology: production of chemicals, paper, textiles and food

You can study a Masters that provides you with a route into academic and industrial biotechnology.

A postgraduate Biology student looks at cells magnified by a microscope.
One of our synthetic biology postgraduates examines cells under a microscope.

What our students say

Kimberly - Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology MSc

"Biotechnology is the subject area of Biology that I enjoyed the most during my undergraduate degree. I also hoped that studying on a Masters course would increase my prospects of getting a job once I leave University."

Richard - Synthetic Biology MSc

"The only other university that did a Synthetic Biology Masters was Edinburgh and I liked Newcastle University more. The cost of living is lower and the accommodation is better. Everything is much more collective as you are in walking distance to all the facilities you need."

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